Selling is the most important task in running a business.
Skill that brings money and success.

In this article we will analyze what needs to be considered when organizing sales in the Internet space; how to maximize the effectiveness of sales channels, depending on niches and target audiences. Consider sales channels that will take your business out of the limitations of word of mouth and offline ads.

Автор статьи: Анна Туркуман

Дата публикации: 2022-02-04 12:48:25

The most important thing in any business is the ability to sell.

It is difficult to disagree with this statement, since the ability to sell is a complex skill, depending on many factors, ranging from innate talent to the situation on the market. We will consider the main and slightly less significant points so that you can independently conduct a mini-audit of your business, correct errors and take into account unaccounted factors.


When setting the price for a product or service, an entrepreneur should take into account the solvency of his customers. No matter how high-quality the product is, if the client does not have money to buy it, the transaction will not take place. It is always worthwhile for a business to study how the proposed price matches the capabilities of each customer segment. Opportunities to buy a lonely pensioner and a successful businessman differ significantly. In addition, the client's solvency largely depends on the external circumstances in which the client lives - apartment renovation can be postponed if the client has lost his job. 

For example, during a pandemic, many businesses suffered losses due to a decrease in the solvency of their customers. Being observant and understanding the behavior of your audience will help you build the right pricing strategy to generate enough profit. You should not neglect the study of your customers, since such ignorance can “beat off” your buyer.


Each entrepreneur must have a deep knowledge of the commodity or product niche in which he works. Each niche has restrictions on the number of consumers, the time frame of activity. 

We all have common needs for food, the need to travel and dress. These needs are met by businesses that belong to broad niches (supermarkets, clothing stores, public transport, etc.). Narrower niches are parts of broader niches that cater to the more specialized needs of the consumer: you can buy groceries in the supermarket, but for example, you have to buy a rare variety of tea in a specialty store. Knowing the boundaries of your niche will allow the business to form the most adequate price offer for the buyer.


In most niches, there are low and high seasons when demand can differ significantly. The demand for this or that product increases in a certain season, like boots in winter or bathing suits in summer. To understand when the high season is coming, you need to carefully monitor the market and study the statistics of past years in advance.  

Do not forget about the holidays, because during this period people buy gifts for their loved ones, colleagues and friends. It is possible and necessary to arrange events, promotions and sales before the holidays to increase audience coverage and increase sales.  


The Internet is the first place people go to find solutions to their problems, desires and needs. Therefore, missing out on such a vast and profitable sales channel is not a good idea. Even if your business is limited by geographic location, this does not mean that the Internet will not bring results. Moreover, it will be much easier for the client to find you through geosearch on maps or advertising than through word of mouth.


Instagram or Facebook will help you make a presentation of your business at minimal cost.  

Instagram is used where the visual perception of sales is a priority in purchasing a product. For example: beauty sphere, handmade goods, jewelry, clothes, etc.  

Facebook has a huge functionality for business and its promotion, it is more suitable for creating an image, branding and large-scale promotion. 

Pros of social networks:

  • Large coverage of the target audience;
  • Simple provision of a complete catalog of goods or services;
  • Free use of the resource;
  • A great way to get consumer feedback. It will be easier for you to understand your target audience based on their interactions with the content;
  • Easy start and use.

The disadvantages:

  • Intense competition;
  • Maintaining a page or store takes a lot of time if you do not delegate this work to an SMM manager.  

Social networks are a good tool for attracting new customers, increasing audience loyalty and retention. They will certainly bring good results to the business with the right choice of strategy and methodical work for the result. Social networks are not a passive sales channel, leaving everything to chance and getting sales will not work. 


Your own resource in the online space, which you completely create, choosing a management system and functionality that is convenient for you, and control in the future. 

A little about what sites are and what they are used for. 

A landing page is a landing page dedicated to a specific product, service, or small business. The absence of additional products or sections on the site allows the site visitor to focus on the most important, and this, in turn, helps to increase the conversion and purchase of the product.  

The main purpose of creating a landing page is to sell one product or service. Sometimes it can be representing a small business, testing business hypotheses, collecting information about the target audience in exchange for bonuses (discounts, promotions, etc.). 


  • concentrates the user's attention;
  • increases conversion to sale;
  • speed of creation;
  • fast page loading, even in slow Internet conditions;
  • low cost.

The disadvantages:

  • limited sales. With the help of a landing page, it will not be possible to sell a large assortment of goods, services or a complex product;
  • focusing on a specific product complicates branding.

A corporate website is a business tool that expands the company's capabilities, simplifies the work of employees and ensures the comfort of use for your client.

With the help of a corporate website, the image of the company is formed, sales increase, the client and partner base expands, and it becomes easier to familiarize the target audience with information about the company and products.


  • maximum awareness
  • business process optimization
  • sale of a large number of services
  • branding

The disadvantages: 

  • the need to maintain up-to-date information /usually there is not enough time for this/.

But with the right choice of a specialist, you will never encounter such a problem.   

Online stores allow you to organize the sale of a large number of goods, increase the number of buyers and sales. If an ordinary store needs a place of sale, showcases, price tags, sellers and consultants, which entails a large number of fixed costs, then the online store takes on all these obligations.

The functionality of the online store allows you to:

  • sell at any time of the day
  • maintain a warehouse accounting system
  • get paid online

An online store is the ideal solution for retail. 

All described sales channels give results with proper organization and competent work.  

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