Helping IT Students in Ukraine

The project “Helping IT Students in Ukraine” is aimed at supporting students who are in a difficult financial situation. The Digital Agency BeSale team is looking for foreign partners who can help in finding orders. Our specialists are ready to take students, train them in a short time, involve them in projects and pay wages.

Автор статьи: Евгений Голопотылюк

Дата публикации: 2022-03-08 18:48:33

Peace to you!

My name is Evgeny Golopotylyuk. I am a 5th year student of ONPU, head of the Digital Agency BeSale, a participant in startup projects and student activities.

As of today (03/07/2022), the territory of Ukraine has been attacked by the Russian aggressor, several thousand citizens of Ukraine have already died and been injured. About 70% of Ukrainians have lost their jobs. The infrastructure of some areas is undermined and cannot be restored in the near future.

More than 1.5 million people have already left the borders of Ukraine, saving their lives from the barbarism and violence of the aggressor.

Volunteers from neighboring countries promptly help refugees from Ukraine with accommodation, food, legal advice and moral support. Our team expresses great gratitude for the support of the citizens of Ukraine!

With the support of the German University Hochschule Anhalt, the administration of ONPU and KPI, as well as members of the Digital Agency BeSale team, more than 30 students and their family members were brought to Köthen on the territory of Anhalt University. Article on this topic CLICK.

Our team doesn't stop!

We want to keep helping students!

Male students are required by law to stay in Ukraine and do not have the right to leave Ukraine in connection with the announced general mobilization.

At the same time, most students are not drafted into the Armed Forces of Ukraine due to the lack of necessity.

In order to provide an opportunity to earn money for students who find themselves in a difficult financial situation, we have decided to launch the project “Support for IT students in Ukraine”.

The main objective of the project: material support for students based on the provision of a job at the Digital BeSale agency.

Why our agency: our team is 80% students, we cooperate with 3 universities Anhalt, KPI and ONPU.

What the agency provides: training of students, specialists, coordinators, organizational part, financial payments.

What is required for the full launch of the project: the availability of orders for the services of the Digital BeSale agency.

How partners can help:

  • directly help to find orders;
  • post information about the project on social networks;
  • provide advice on the project.

For cooperation, please contact:

FaceBook -

+380506468467 – Telegram. Viber

Best regards, Evgeny Golopotylyuk


Golopotyluk Evhenii
( head of Digital Agency BeSale)

Antoshuk Sveltana Grigorievna

Globa Larisa Sergeevna


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