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Brief - a questionnaire with leading questions about your business, company and product. This survey helps to understand in detail the needs and problems of the Client, and in the future - to design the best solution. Pricing also depends on the correct filling of the brief. In case of difficulties in filling out, our manager will help fill out the brief.
Terms of Reference (TOR) - a document with clearly described technical and other conditions for the implementation of the service. The terms of reference provide security for both parties in the provision of services. The client receives a product with the specified characteristics, and the agency does not do extra work without additional payment.
On our website there are prices marked “from”. If the Client has standard and typical requests provided for by the tariff, the cost will be equal to the indicated one. For example, if the price is “from 19,000”, then the cost will be 19,000.
In a situation where the amount of work increases, or additional or non-standard solutions are required, the cost is formed after filling out the brief, drawing up the TOR and negotiating with the Client. We recommend that you consult with the manager and fill out a brief for consideration by a specialist.
The client must provide detailed information for the correct construction of the product concept or advertising campaign. Important points are competitive advantages - the service part, specialists and technologies.
The design of the future tool being developed depends on the information.
After the design is approved by the Client and submitted for development, changes to the design will cost an additional fee. This is due to the fact that it is required to return the designer to work, to suspend the development of the site, to shift the deadlines for the site.
In our practice, the terms of development and delivery of the project may be delayed due to:
- delay in the provision of information and media files;
- delays in financing
- delays in communications, when the Client cannot decide or cannot devote time to the request for more than 2 days.
- “it's good, but now I want it differently, let's redo it ...”
Let's respect each other's time!
Why edits should be thrown off in one list, and not in separate messages to the manager during the week? Our team is well aware that the Client does not have enough time to fully immerse himself in the project, so edits are often offered in the format of fragmentary information like “change the word on the button”, and after 12 hours the following edit arrives: “Change back the word and change on the main page , heading block background”.
Unfortunately, this way of fixing edits takes more time and nerves for all parties and leads to a delay in the project. Our agency provides an Amendment Form, where the Client is required to specify the necessary changes in one list and send to the agency for implementation. If you need to make changes to the project, contact the manager and get advice on how to do it in the best way.
After the delivery of the site, the Client is provided with 2-week or monthly support. The purpose of the support is load testing of the site and finding hidden problem areas that appear at the time of real communication between “Client”->”Resource”. For improved communication with the client, it was decided to make changes at the end of the working week - on Friday. You will be able to view the changes over the weekend. NOTE! If a critical problem arises, due to which the site does not function in whole or in part, we will eliminate it on the same day.
The period of site support is calculated from the next day after the final payment for the creation of the site.
Our obligation to amend is only valid for the specified period! Note! In case of delaying payment for more than 10 days, we will start the site support report from the day the site is handed over to the Client.
Support and maintenance of advertising begins the next day after payment for the agency's services. Payment for agency services and the presence/absence of a paid advertising budget are not related. If the Client does not pay the advertising budget to search engines / social networks for a long time, this does not affect the duration of the service. For example, if the service was paid for 1 month on 28.02., and the advertising account was replenished on 15.03., then the final day of the service will be 31.03.
Our experts compile standard descriptions of typical questions, and can also provide video tutorials from YouTube to familiarize you with a particular technological solution. Individual training by our specialist is an additional paid service. To receive it, we will issue an invoice; you will pay it and complete the training at the agreed time.
Edits will be made next Friday, even if the support period has expired.
There are situations when the design of the site on different mobile devices does not match 100%. This is due to the fact that there are a large number of screen sizes, as well as non-licensed solutions. The developer, during testing or development, has the right to make adjustments to the design for the correct display and functioning of the site.
If there are any errors in the implementation of the site - tell our manager on which device and what problems occurred, we will fix the problem.
During the support period, we restrict access to some features / please do not use the main administrator account. This is done so that the Client does not make changes on his own that will affect the operation of the advertising campaign or website. Unfortunately, due to inexperience, active Clients often begin to literally break the created site. We urge you to contact the manager with a question or problem - we will make changes ourselves. Full access rights to all accounts will be transferred to you after the end of the support period.
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